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I am Suphi, a

Hi! My name is Suphi Cankurt. I am running APPSEC SANTA and learning everyday.

About my Abilities

I have started my career as a developer and moved to Digital marketing after a year. Many years I was working different E-commerce and Online gaming companies as Marketing Manager and eventually focused on sales. I am working as a Salesman for the last 4 years and I am very enthusiastic about it.

Sales - 4 years of experience95%
Business Management - 2 years of experience75%
Online Marketing - 4 years of experience85%
Developer - 1 year of experience70%

My Interests

How I am spending my time
  • Reading

    I learn almost everything by reading.

  • Music

    I've been playing Bağlama for 18 years and just started to have piano classes.

  • Sales

    I like to research, learn and test new ideas and practices.

  • Kayaking

    Helsinki offers great options for kayaking. My favorite place is Aurinkolahti.

  • Cross-country skiing

    I'm just a beginner who just bought his first skiing equipment. Fell 16 times already.

  • Traveling

    2018: Malta, London, Malaga, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, Joensuu, Rodos, Copenhagen, Budapest. 2019 Plan: Japan


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